Buddhuza.com Connects With Facebook

Facebook Connect is a new technology that enables Facebook users to comment on blogs and sites without having to register and log in, by just using Facebook credentials. In other words, once you sign in to your Facebook account, you can comment on any Facebook-connected website, using your Facebook profile.

I’ve played with it a little before finally offering it to you and I must say it’s very convenient, it saves your time and you don’t have to type usernames and passwords for myriads of websites you daily haunt.

If you have any problem using this little, spam-free application, please let me know so that I have a chance to play with it more :)

Now let’s go ahead and test it!

One Thought on “Buddhuza.com Connects With Facebook

  1. I guess it’s just working fine!
    აბა ქართულად ვნახოთ… იფ იფ იფ :)

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