Vote 4 Buddhuza Live!

Vote 4 Buddhuza Live!

Listen Live! is a TV project launched by Rustavi 2, Radio Fortuna and Georgian Film. It airs live performance of the Georgian bands you choose right from the Rustavi 2 studio, every day at 9:25 AM.

As one of the candidates, I’m starting a one-week shameless self-promotion in order to get you vote me ;) For those already fooled into it, there are two ways to vote:

Online voting: register here, log in and mark Buddhuza as your selection. As I can see, you can do it several times from one computer, but only once a day with your e-mail account.

SMS voting: send ’5′ to short number 1021. That you can do only in Georgia and as many times as you wish to spend 0.06 Lari ;)

Those of you English-speakers who need to be guided through the registration/login page in Georgian, I’m setting up a help page here

The voting will continue for a week and, if that gets us through, I’ll let you know when to watch and/or see online.

Many thanks and enjoy the sunny day! ;)

One Thought on “Vote 4 Buddhuza Live!

  1. Go, go, go Levan!!! :)

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