Vienna Bandcontest 09 Photos/Videos

Yep, the promised photos and videos are here.
Enjoy, share and throw away ;)
P.S. Thanks to Ziggy for the great photography!

Would You Cry?


Hiller Fool


Blow The Fire


When I Open Up My Door

2 Thoughts on “Vienna Bandcontest 09 Photos/Videos

  1. @Michinio
    As to the vocals, I disagree. They were certain and shitty. I guess the songs and the general atmosphere gave me the votes of those people, otherwise I’m not entirely happy with the performance either.
    I’m happy with the experience though, it felt great! :)

  2. I suppose if you have had a band you’d have been qualified for sure.. Your format was for quarter-finals at most. And sorry, man, but you vocals were not so certain in some songs. Sure, if I had a chance to see also other band, I’d say more confidently, but anyway.. you know how it always happens? THE BEST WAY, DUDE! ;)

    So, congrats and you know I’m happy of knowing and loving you! ;)

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