Levan Khubulava, musically known as Buddhuza (pronounced but’huza), is a modern musical-visionary, equally gifted as a singer, song-writer, and musician, who simply defines artistry. Though he is not bound, nor does he aim to work under any specific genre, he has worked-out his own authentic homebrew of electro-pop, rock, and folk, as he shares with others, songs that aim to put them in the right mood for the message, relieve the shenanigans of stress, and inspire them to have a positive outlook towards themselves and towards their surroundings. A messenger who communicates through music; he gets a sense of fulfillment when listeners allow themselves to interpret his message in their own way. And what is his message? He offers, not only world music that can be enjoyed, but an attached genuine message of love. With his work, he aims to increase the communication with his audience through music, and share with them his vision of the world.

This is his mission, this is his music, and this is the man, Buddhuza.

Born and raised in the musical-nest of Zugdidi, Georgia; Buddhuza, with only two broken guitars, a tape recorder, and a single bedroom, formed his very first band with his brother at the age of 13. The songs were merely written and performed as entertainment for neighbors and friends; however, these experiences would serve a more important unseen purpose for him – these moments provided him with hands on experience in song-writing, arranging, and performing. Previously, at the age of 6, he and his brother attended Georgian-folk choir classes which allowed him to witness, first hand, the importance of spontaneity in music. To him, music has been a soundtrack through every phase of his existence; however, once he searched in his father’s vinyl collection and heard the progressive-rock of the late ’60s, it gave him shivers and sent blood to veins that he didn’t even know that he had! It was then, at that moment, that he realized what he was going to write and play music for life.

His newly released album, Zer0, is an elaborate meeting point of end and start, as reincarnate as a musician, offering fresh looks at our uncanny environment in coming releases. A collection of 14 songs recorded by Buddhuza himself through 2008-2010, these tracks, previously, were scattered among his projects, New Demos and NowHere. The title, spelled with the number ’0′ instead of the letter ‘o’, reflects the idea of “point zero” – how every moment is an ultimate here and now, and a fresh start to our present. He states himself, “this is a project with many doors.” The songs vary in sound but are all attached with a single thread that connects them like a bead; he calls this an “incurable joy,” as he enjoys the process one hundred percent.

His music is a result of positive emotion-filled charges released to his listeners. This particular attribute, or niche, is reserved for those seeking melodious alternative-music with an emphasis on lyrics. And after receiving an honorable mention in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, he has his eyes set on a much greater prize – your ears. Simply put, Buddhuza is the real deal.