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Only Thing I Know on RadioIndie

radioindieOnly Thing I Know is now open for rating and commenting on Check it out here:

Also enter here for all latest music RadioIndie has to offer:

Mission on Next 1000

Next 1000

URB Magazine has chosen Mission as one of the Next 1000 and featured on its site. The top ranked bands (as voted by fans) will be considered for the Next 100 Issue in 2010.

Since one must register to vote, I’m not even asking you to try. Instead, keep your fingers crossed for me and keep that good mood with you! ;)

Holy Jolly on the Eclectic Show

The Eclectic Show featured two of its winner songs, and one of them is Holy Jolly, or at least a part of it :)

You can watch all episodes of the show on its YouTube channel, or join their social network at

Holy Jolly on RadioIndie

Holy Jolly is now published and streamed on If you want to vote and comment, you’re welcome here

Just to remind you, When I Open Up My Door collected over 230 votes on, and all thanks to you!

Have a great day! ;)

Fish on PC Podcast

Pete Cogle featured Fish on his PC Podcast of this week, along with artists from Ukraine and Russia, and he called that Back in the USSR. Well, here comes the neighborhood ;)

PC Podcast with Pete Cogle

On Podcast Again

One more great podcast, this time featuring Holy Jolly, and many other cool tracks. Check it out here:

PC Podcast with Pete Cogle

Buddhuza Goes On Podcasts

Hi folks, I just thought you might want to know that I’ve been aired on three shows/podcasts. Check them out, they’ve got some nice music there, including mine :)

Oh, and don’t you dare to repeat my name in the way it was said in the shows! :D


Indie Music Sampler

Earl Clifton Radio

Your Buddie ;)