Old Demos

Fall’s coming soon,
I see you’re getting cool,
I feel myself
As someone else
I didn’t want to be,
I’m leaving first.

I looked through my life
And found so many times
I cursed myself
Because of my past mistakes,
And now I see
It’s just the same.

Fall’s coming soon,
I still turned out a fool,
It’s just my stop
And looking back,
The play is on,
I see the same.

Artist’s Insight: This track, along with Initiation in the Sublime, is my first record, not to mention a couple of early and crappy attempts to record in my office computer (I really hope they’re not kept anywhere :)

These two songs were recorded in Fall 2002, at the apartment of a friend who sound engineered and mastered them. Three guitar and one vocal tracks made one of my favorite songs, without any rehearsal and little booze.

I don’t remember when I wrote it, but recently I ran into its lyrics scribbled on my drawing book dating years before the record. I must have been really sick of repeatedly breaking up in the same season :)

2 Thoughts on “Fall

  1. NS on June 9, 2009 at 15:04 said:

    Qoool :)))

  2. ალუჩა on February 1, 2009 at 21:08 said:


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