Hiller Fool


Hiller Fool,
You’re so cool!

There was this guy that I heard of,
And everyone said he was a nerdo,
He took himself off the agenda,
I think he was just a little pretender.

Hiller Fool,
You’re so cool!

One night he looked at the full moon,
And saw how everything turns real,
And the life is strangely familiar,
He saw his very own steering wheel.

Hiller Fool,
You’re so cool!

The guy can arise many questions,
That really can sound of fashion,
And each of his silly confessions
Is given with such a passion.

Hiller Fool,
You’re so cool!

And if you are confused by the Game,
(Well, he’d really like to play with you again),
And if you strongly believe what you claim,
(Well, he’d really like to talk with you again),
And if you’re saddened by the fact that you’re lame,
(Well, he’d really like to laugh with you again),
And you think I always chain the refrain,
(Yes you do, yes you do, yes you do).

Hiller Fool,
You’re so cool!

2 Thoughts on “Hiller Fool

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  2. so cool i wet my pants ;)
    kidding aside, great stuff. I’ve even worked out a dance routine so I and a couple of our crazy friends dance to this song at your concert :)

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