La La Land


So, as promised, here’s the song about my favorite place. Enjoy the ride!
And by the way, the first release Zer0 is out in a couple of days,
so stay tuned ;)

Is everything alright?
You’re like a child that was told there’s an end to the sky.
Are you ready for the ride?
You don’t need a guide cos there’re no borders up here defined.

Why don’t you let your feet
Rapidly sweep as you’re dancing your way up the street?
And just before the turn,
When you’re about to return, let your heart out that chest and just run!

And everything you secretly thought all these years
Turns out to be what all of them secretly fear.
Don’t have to be a science man, a preacher or Superman
To know what’s that thing that you live.

So when you find yourself
Losing itself and forgetting all it understands
About the basic facts,
It’s time to relax and just let the impossible act.

And anything you’d learned doesn’t mean a thing,
And even what you see isn’t anything,
Forget the words and just learn to be,
You pulled the door, now it’s time to…
It’s time to take a peek!

You live in the land of a million dreams,
And you can wake the one you haven’t seen,
You’re just as free as you wanna be,
So pack your things, throw them in the

See what you get for being
Daring and seeing? And I’m sure that’s the right way to be,
There’s no alternative,
The fact is severe… but it could be just head over heels.

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