Volunteers wanted for Sick Vampire music video

It’s been ages, hasn’t it :)

Anyways, next week we’re starting to shoot a Sick Vampire music video. It’s a small budget project… I’m lying, it’s a no-budget project, so we need volunteers in Vienna who want to act in this historic kick-off!

We need a vampire (light-skinned black-haired dude, no sparkles), plus 9 men (ages 18-30), 4 women (ages 27-32) and 4 kids (ages 4-11).

I know the world is full of talented people, so share this like hell and you’ll see, we’ll find them before next week.

Or try yourself, get it out and contact me or the director!

See you next week ;)

2 Thoughts on “Volunteers wanted for Sick Vampire music video

  1. You’re most welcome though :)

  2. sasargeblo on August 3, 2012 at 17:29 said:

    so sad, I’m too far from this project and can’t share my talent :)

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