Summertime (Take 752)

Yep, this is yet another version of Summertime, this time VIDEO and LIVE! That’s my first experiment recording audio and video simultaneously and I think I’m loving it! :)

6 Thoughts on “Summertime (Take 752)

  1. @Chito!
    Thanks, Chito! I hope it means you’re back in town ;)

  2. Chito! on February 27, 2009 at 16:33 said:

    wow! great idea!!! first of all, no reason to have hidden this pretty pretty face for this long:):):) second of all: well, at least your friend will have the visual proof of your exhistence! :):):):) love you! the new summertime is GRRREAT! not that i didn’t expect it to be :)Waiting for more updates! :)

  3. kargia! good to see you in addition to the music :-)

  4. aiaiaiaiiiiii LOVING IT

  5. @Khati
    Thanks Khatia, actually it was an experiment but I so enjoyed the process, I wanna do it again :)

  6. I remember old version and this one i wow, much better! background sound are so beautiful now

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