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Fall music video

Georg Wachberg’s beautiful music video for Fall.
Enjoy and share! :)

Summertime in Lancaster

Here’s another video from the UK tour.
Good job, Jeb!
Goo goo g’joob ;)

Summertime (Take 752)

Mission, UK tour video

Just put together a compilation of video scraps shot during my UK tour.
Sound’s crap, video’s crap, but the mojo is there ;)


Ost Klub video from June 21

Here’s a little something from the evening in Ost Klub. Hope you enjoyed it ;)

Still a Surprise

Cenario Opening Video

Yey guys’n'gals, here’s the video of a new song that opened a show at Cenario a week ago.
Eat it up! ;)


Tbilisi Rock Club Videos

Hey folx, here’s a belated video post of Tbilisi Rock Club performance. Enjoy!
და გაიხარეთ ;)





Everything is Dancing

Feel This Moment


Here you come, looking down
At the snowflakes in your palms,
You know they have little time
And there’s no point in cooling ice,
Well, you know that’s the price,
And you know there’s no prize,
Did you know?
Oh darling, can’t you see that?

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Would You Cry?


If it didn’t get you where you thought you would arrive,
And if it didn’t work although you tried and tried and tried,
What would you cry?
Would you cry?
Would you cry ‘agh’?
What would you cry?
Would you cry?
Would you cry ‘agh’?

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Vienna Bandcontest 09 Photos/Videos

Yep, the promised photos and videos are here.
Enjoy, share and throw away ;)
P.S. Thanks to Ziggy for the great photography!

Would You Cry?


Hiller Fool


Blow The Fire


When I Open Up My Door

Don’t Worry and Dance


This is the day that brings the happiness,
This is the week that’s full of happy days,
This year is only months and weeks and days
That make your life a happy holiday.

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