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Tunnel Video

Dear all,

Thanks for all your support, I hope the evening served the purpose and you had fun.

I didn’t manage to capture the quality video, but there’s a webcam record still streaming at (I’m surprised it’s still there). It’s not the best performance, so make sure you really know what you’re doing ;)

Enjoy the snow!

2009 ADCOLOR Awards Compilation CD

Everything is Dancing by Buddhuza is included in the 2009 ADCOLOR Awards Compilation CD.

The music on the compilation got some exposure at the awards show on October 4th, in Phoenix Arizona. The show was hosted by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and gave a special All Star award to Cristina Saralegui for her accomplishments in media and business.

Snippets of the songs were a part of the musical background of the show.  In addition, the compilation CD got plugged on stage before all of the advertising, marketing and media executives and influencers that were in attendance.

Check out ADCOLOR website to preview the music included in the compilation CD, some of it is pretty cool! ;)

Totally Twisted Compilation Released

The Totally Twisted compilation CD from the Halfway House Studios, where Buddhuza is featured with two tracks, is already released and up for sale at iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.

You can preview the songs on this and three other compilations before actually buying an album or individual tracks. Check them out and leave your comments or vote for you favorite one by filling out this form.

Buddhuza Playing @ Tunnel Vienna Live

Hey all,

I’m playing at Tunnel Vienna Live on Saturday, 6 February, 9:00 PM. This time there’s no competition, but since it’s all about fun, let’s have fun together!

Tunnel is at Florianigasse 39, 1080 Vienna (see map) and those who can’t come, can, hopefully, watch it live here (requires Real Player).

And bring friends, entrance is free ;)

See you there!


Interview with IMA

The Independent Music Awards
Nominee Spotlight- World Beat Song

Vote now for Buddhuza in the 9th IMA Vox Pop poll.





WHERE WAS THIS ALBUM RECORDED? My apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia



DESCRIBE THE STORY BEHIND THIS SONG: It started out with a sitar and a drumline that I heard in a shampoo commercial and thought it was worth trying those two in a song. Though, the recording environment and various experiments routed the process to a completely different direction and gave the song a certain groove. I finally ended up mixing the best practices of yoga, shamanic chant and the good old Rock ‘n” Roll.

WHY DID YOU SELECT THIS TRACK TO SUBMIT TO THE IMAs? It symbolizes the unity of cultures (and beyond) and is a result of amusement, rather than production.

WHAT UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS OR TECHNIQUES DID YOU USE ON THIS ALBUM? The vocal is the first take, where I randomly screamed and chanted, and only later figured out it sounded something like when I open up my door.

DID FANS HELP FUND THIS PROJECT? Within kind booze donations.

DESCRIBE YOUR AUDIENCE: It’s a small and mainly online audience and, in my judgment, very diverse. I know some of them love some songs and hate the others.

WHAT MAKES YOUR FANS UNIQUE? Actually, they are regular people and I prefer to call them friends, because they understand the “language” I “speak” with them.

WHERE HAVE YOU TOURED? Tbilisi, Georgia and Vienna, Austria.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TO PLAY? Scarlet Sails and Nali in Tbilisi and Replugged in Vienna. I also enjoyed playing for change with my friends in Signagi and Batumi, Georgia.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST EXCITING MOMENT TO DATE? I should say going on the national television, but I guess it’s more playing for fun, when the air is full with spontaneity.

WHAT’S IN THE WORKS FOR 2010? Let me have a look at my organizer… Wow, no plans whatsoever! Let’s make it a surprise ;)

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS… No longer a dominant music publisher, with increased access to all those self-released resources.

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Getting the message across.

WHAT’S ON YOUR iPOD THAT WOULD SURPRISE YOUR FANS? Myself and some kind of old fairy-tales.

NAME SOME ARTISTS YOU ARE CHAMPIONING: Adham Shaikh, Lemon Jelly and Nobukazu Takemura.

Buddhuza on Audio Gumshoe

Buddhuza is once again featured on Rich Palmer’s Audio Gumshoe. This time the episode presents four songs and a very interesting insight of the artist and his music.

You can submit your music by uploading the files directly from the website and subscribe to the finest selection of new and great music.


That’s how much I miss my band! :)

Vienna Bandcontest 2009I found this jury review of the 1/4 finals on the Vienna Bandcontest website. Nothing new, except that I once again realized how much I MISS (in both meanings of this word) my band!

For those who don’t speak German, there’s Google Translate and other funny translation sites ;)

BUDDHUZA [...] eröffnete als erster Act das 4. Viertelfinale des Vienna Bandcontests. Pop in Reinkultur, mächtige zeitgemäße Arrangements, Hooklines mit Ohrwurmcharakter. Für uns definitiv Ö3 tauglich. Warum es trotzdem nicht gereicht hat? Buddhuza ist als Singer/Songwriter mit Laptop als Zuspieler und Bandersatz angetreten. Lediglich seine Stimme und Rhythmusgitarre waren Live gespielt. In der Kategorie Musikalische Darbietung konnte die Jury BUDDHUZA im Vergleich zu den nachfolgenden Bands so nicht die vollen Punkte geben. Mit dem 2ten Platz der Publikumswertung reichte es in Summe somit nur für den 3ten Platz. Trotzdem – diese Songs sind gut, haben Potential und es würde uns nicht wundern, den einen oder anderen bald im Radio zu hören. Alles Gute und viel Erfolg für die Zukunft!

Complete review of all four bands is here.

Good luck to you all, guys!

Give your vox to the one that rocks!

IMA NomineeAnd once again you can vote for Buddhuza and make When I Open Up My Door ‘people’s choice’. All you need is one-click-registration to rate the song.

Winning here opens many doors and I really need your mouse clicks!

Feel free to browse other sections, you might discover something you’ve never heard before.

Thank you and may good music always be in your ears and in your hearts! :)

VBC 1/4 Finals

Vienna Bandcontest 2009Dear friends,

Thanks for all your support, cheering and good vibes last night! The jury chose not to take me to the semifinals, although the crowd was of a different opinion :) which, to me, matters more than any critique in the world. That actually is the purpose of my music and I’m happy the message is delivered!

The photos and videos will follow shortly, which in my world means a couple of days ;)

Bless you all!

Sick Vampire is Weed

Ourobouros PodcastSick Vampire is a weed track of the week on Revenge Of The Can Of Worms show of the Ourobouros Podcast. Hope I got it right this time :)

Download the MP3 or press the play button below to listen.