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Buddhuza’s IMA Spotlight

Buddhuza is interviewed for the Independent Music Awards (IMA) spotlight.

Discover the different side and what even he didn’t know.

Check it our at the IMA website or read on.

I love you for who you are! ;)

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Live @ Cafe Carina 31.08

Buddhuza plays live at Cafe Carina on Tuesday, August 31 at 22:00. Carina is at Josefstädter Straße 84, 1080 Vienna, at the U6 Josefstädter Straße underground station.

Entrance is free and drinks are cold, so bring along friends and total strangers you wanna hang out with.

See you there! ;)

Zer0 is here, Zer0 is now!


Zer0 is finally here, now available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.
Make sure to spread the word so that it gets in right hands and right ears!

Let’s get goin’!

Alright, it’s been a while since anything happened around here, so it’s time to get moving. As I said before, Ropeadope Records will be releasing my very first album end of month, and it will be announced here.

Meanwhile, I’ll be posting a new song in a couple of days. The song is about our favorite place that we visit several times a day. Well, personally I barely leave it ;) If you like anything I did before, I assure you’ll love it!

So see you very soon, and those of you who always wanted to buy my record will have a chance in a week! ;)

ISC Winners Announced

ISC announced its winners. Buddhuza’s When I Open Up My Door fell short of about 1,200 votes to win in the People’s Voice, but made it to the honorable mention.

Considering that ISC received almost 15,000 entries in 2009, it’s not bad at all.

Thank you all for you voting and support and, next time you see this logo of the website, you know what to do! ;)

Buddhuza signs with Ropeadope

Buddhuza signed with Ropeadope for the release of the first album Zer0, a collection of tracks from New Demos and NowHere.

Ropeadope team is working hard on the release, which should be up for sale in several months.

Music for the World

Ideen für Wien, an Austrian blog covering almost all aspects of Viennese life, featured Buddhuza in its Musik aus Wien section. The article is in German, so some of you want to use Google Translation to figure it out.

It’s basically almost everything that you and, surprisingly enough, I know about myself. You’re more than welcome to share the article and comment on it, and tell us what’s missing ;)

Big thanks to Viktoria for her interest and translating my answers to German!

Interview with Words Melt

Khatia published another interview with me on her new blog, Words Melt. Let’s check it out and leave her comments. And here’s a copy:

Levan Khubulava, known as Buddhuza, is a song writer and singer. Since I first time found Levan’s songs on the net, he’s creativity is impressing me. From his first interview with me I do know about Levan, that he is originally from Georgia and he loves music. Buddhuza is uploading his new and cool songs online quite often, has brilliant ideas and remarkable style of writing.

Hello Levan, nice to hear from you again. What has changed in your life since your first interview with me?

Depends on how close a look you want me to have. One thing I know, there are some shifts in the way I see and feel, and I think that outleaks in my music in some portions.

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Buddhuza in the ISC Finals

International Songwriting Competition (ISC) chose When I Open Up My Door as one of the finalists in the World Music category.

All finalist songs, chosen from about 15,000 entrants,  are currently being reviewed by a panel of judges including Tom Waits, Jerry Lee Lewis, Robert Smith (The Cure), Robbie Williams, Rob Thomas, Chris Hillman (The Byrds), Jeff Beck and many others.

If you would like to support me, you just need to enter your valid e-mail address HERE, then check your mail for activation link and, after following that link, scroll down the list for Levan Khubulava (not Buddhuza), tick the box next to it and press the Cast You Vote button at the end of the page.

Voting will close on March 31, 2010. You are allowed to vote once a day and encouraged to do so every morning. Remember what the say, regular voting exercise makes your fingers swift, soul fed and citizen’s conscience clean ;)

Enjoy the spring… and music!

Now Free Downloads!

Some of you might have noticed a little green arrow next to every play button on the site. That means now you can download high quality MP3 (256kbps) of every song available in the Music section.

I’m glad I don’t financially depend on music at present and can offer free downloads and free CDs at concerts. This may not be the case when I’m signed, so enjoy the little green arrow while it’s here! ;)