Holy Jolly on RadioIndie

Holy Jolly is now published and streamed on RadioIndie.com. If you want to vote and comment, you’re welcome here http://radioindie.com/node/1150.

Just to remind you, When I Open Up My Door collected over 230 votes on RadioIndie.com, and all thanks to you!

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Fish on PC Podcast

Pete Cogle featured Fish on his PC Podcast of this week, along with artists from Ukraine and Russia, and he called that Back in the USSR. Well, here comes the neighborhood ;)

PC Podcast with Pete Cogle

On Podcast Again

One more great podcast, this time featuring Holy Jolly, and many other cool tracks. Check it out here:

PC Podcast with Pete Cogle

Everything is Dancing


Every minute counts,
Each second offers so much,
You have the time,
You need no right.

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Buddhuza Goes On Podcasts

Hi folks, I just thought you might want to know that I’ve been aired on three shows/podcasts. Check them out, they’ve got some nice music there, including mine :)

Oh, and don’t you dare to repeat my name in the way it was said in the shows! :D


Indie Music Sampler

Earl Clifton Radio

Your Buddie ;)



I’m a fish and I wanna be a bird,
I’m a fish and I wanna be a bird,
And I’m looking for a hook,
Looking for a hook to fly away.

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Twist and Shout

New Demos

Well, shake it up, baby, now, (shake it up, baby)
Twist and shout. (twist and shout)
Cmon cmon, cmon, cmon, baby, now, (come on baby)
Come on and work it on out. (work it on out)

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Cross Where You Like


Whatever you see,
They build the rhymes,
Whatever you hear,
They constantly chime.
It’s so sad that we’re all busy learning to climb,
Well I’m not really catching the initial design.
Wherever you go,
Draw your own line,
And cross where you like.
Oh, it’s a long way to go,
Yeah, it’s a long way to go.

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New Demos

Pouring, pouring, pouring
As I lie,
And I don’t want to see the sunny tide.

When I Open Up My Door


When I open up my door,
When I open up my door,
When I open up my door,
When I open up my door…

Aumma heya aumma aumma heya,
Aumma heya aumma aumma heya,
Aumma heya aumma aumma heya,
Aumma heya aumma aumma heya.

Michinio‘s Insight: Breaking news: Happiness is allowed again!

I wanna share some my personal opinions about Buddhuza’s song When I Open Up My Door. Yes, some may say, he’s your friend and you will be very positive, but I can say he’s my friend because of his music. is it ok? If yes, let’s go on.

It’s very interesting track. Hard to say is there totally new approach, or just modified old one. Sure, many can hear The Beatles influence in this song, but I suppose there’s big difference. Let me explain…

In 60s psychedelic rock music was just being discovered so while their experiments The Beatles and some other progressive and progressing bands could not be sure what they would come up with. Those experiments itself were quite interesting, but even the best ones had lack of… how to say… lack of sincerity, openness, they were just experiments with no destination. Fabulous 4 guys were telling us with their songs, that they are in process with not known aim. But, Buddhuza knows what he wants!

It’s easier for him to know it, as 40 years passed after The Beatles and The Doors. Now people (who really want to) are able to review all the knowledge, experiences, results of many many experiments. But now there are different problems and difficulties. Today it’s very easy to make music. everybody can afford little home-studio, do whatever he or she wants and call it indie music. So, there are so many ways that one can easily start up with a wrong one, go it till the end until appears to be very late and there’s no way back.

Buddhuza has also avoided danger to be attracted to easier but wrong direction. Neither he’s sitar really sounds complicated nor lyrics are with deep hidden meanings. Everything is simple and obvious and that’s the point I think. It’s a pure revelation, which Buddhuza wants to share in the simplest way so that everyone can understand.

Weak part of the track I think is studio work, but even this highlights indie character for one hand, and for the other I believe there will be more better and better versions of the song in the nearest future. Wish Buddhuza success in his musical career and hope he will never lose selfness and frankness, what makes his music colored drops in the uncolored ocean of modern music.