Fish on Three From Leith Podcast

threefromleithbannerAnother great British podcast, Three From Leith, where Grant Mason features his three favourite weekly tracks, is now playing Fish.

Download his latest Show 168 – ‘One For The Monkey’, or click the play button below to play it.

You can also subscribe to the podcast, or submit your own music. Connects With Facebook

Facebook Connect is a new technology that enables Facebook users to comment on blogs and sites without having to register and log in, by just using Facebook credentials. In other words, once you sign in to your Facebook account, you can comment on any Facebook-connected website, using your Facebook profile.

I’ve played with it a little before finally offering it to you and I must say it’s very convenient, it saves your time and you don’t have to type usernames and passwords for myriads of websites you daily haunt.

If you have any problem using this little, spam-free application, please let me know so that I have a chance to play with it more :)

Now let’s go ahead and test it!

Buddhuza Reviewed

lastfmAll four reviews are from my listeners, one of them is in Georgian and two are in Russian.

I’ve recently found one on LiveJournal and, pleasantly surprised, decided to post all four. So here they are:

Bearking news: Happiness is allowed again! by Michinio
Саундтрек фильма моей жизни – Buddhuza by Ladeque
Игры в музжурналистику by Guerrilla_Girl
Musik by Khatia79

Buddhuza on Georgian Live Music Blog

geolivemusicGeorgian Live Music is featuring Buddhuza, along with other Georgian live musicians, on its blog.

The main site itself has a live radio, blog, MySpace, Facebook and forum sections.

You can also vote for your favorite artist and view upcoming events.

Fish on RadioIndie

Fish is on You can enter here to rate and comment:

Other songs streamed on RadioIndie are:

When I Open Up My Door
Holy Jolly
Only Thing I Know

Fish on Ourobouros Podcast

Colin from Ourobouros Podcast played Fish on his Psychopaths, Sycophants & Fetishists show as a “weird track of the week”, or at least that’s what I heard :)

In any case, thank you, Colin!


Only Thing I Know on RadioIndie

radioindieOnly Thing I Know is now open for rating and commenting on Check it out here:

Also enter here for all latest music RadioIndie has to offer:

Mission on Next 1000

Next 1000

URB Magazine has chosen Mission as one of the Next 1000 and featured on its site. The top ranked bands (as voted by fans) will be considered for the Next 100 Issue in 2010.

Since one must register to vote, I’m not even asking you to try. Instead, keep your fingers crossed for me and keep that good mood with you! ;)

Summertime (Take 752)

Yep, this is yet another version of Summertime, this time VIDEO and LIVE! That’s my first experiment recording audio and video simultaneously and I think I’m loving it! :)

Holy Jolly on the Eclectic Show

The Eclectic Show featured two of its winner songs, and one of them is Holy Jolly, or at least a part of it :)

You can watch all episodes of the show on its YouTube channel, or join their social network at