Don’t Worry and Dance


This is the day that brings the happiness,
This is the week that’s full of happy days,
This year is only months and weeks and days
That make your life a happy holiday.

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Sick Vampire is Weed

Ourobouros PodcastSick Vampire is a weed track of the week on Revenge Of The Can Of Worms show of the Ourobouros Podcast. Hope I got it right this time :)

Download the MP3 or press the play button below to listen.


Vienna Bandcontest First Round Completed

Vienna Bandcontest 2009Thanks to all friends cheering and voting at Replugged last night, Buddhuza was selected one of the winners of the first round of Vienna Bandcontest 2009.

It was a wonderful experience and I’m happy I’ve got to do that again in the second round on November 16.

Photos and videos are on the way and will be added in their respective sections as they come.

Once again, many thanks to all supporters and Reini for his outstanding sound engineering.

Hope to see you there next time!

Sick Vampire


He wakes at night,
When everything he wants is you!
And the only light
That he can stand is freaking blue,
And when the blinds are rustled down,
He really feels alright,
So let me tell you about the sick vampire.

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Blow the Fire on DarkCompass

DarkCompassDarkCompass featured Buddhuza again, this time with Blow the Fire in the show Pink Shirt Screaming.

Check out the show, Rowley usually airs cool stuff.

Respect to Tebro for beautiful lyrics! ;)


When I Open Up My Door (Rustavi 2 Live)

Once again, thanks for voting and support! As I’m leaving for three months, there’s no time for the live performance I’ve been promising you. But we’ll definitely stay in touch and keep you posted on new material and upcoming events :)

Next Song on Rustavi 2 Live?

Since you were very active voters, I thought you’d like to choose our next song you wanna hear on Rustavi 2 Listen Live!

The poll, which you can see in the right navigation bar of the site, lists 8 song we’re ready to play. If you like any of the songs and want to hear it live, tell your friends to vote too.

You can listen to all 8 songs here or in the gray player on the right.

We’re really very curious to see the results :)

Buddhuza is a Band!

Buddhuza on Listen Live!I’m glad that our first appearance as a band was made on Rustavi 2 TV show Listen Live! Before our first photo session, let me just briefly introduce the project:

Tamar Davitashvili (keyboard/guitar/vocal)
Tornike Gordadze (drum/vocal)
Levan Japaridze (lead guitar/vocal)
Giorgi Surguladze (bass guitar/vocal)
Levan Khubulava (guitar/vocal)

This link opens the video of our performance published on Rustavi 2 website. We’ll have a higher quality video uploaded on our website hopefully next week.

Once again, thanks voting, watching and just sending good vibrations! ;)

Buddhuza to Play Live on Rustavi 2

English GuideDear friends,

Thanks to your efforts, Buddhuza is topping the list on Listen Live! of Rustavi 2. As a winner band, we’ll be aired on Friday, 22 May at 9:25 with When I Open Up My Door.

If you can’t watch it live, never mind. We’ll up it on this site after the show.

Many thanks for voting and hope you’ll enjoy it! ;)

Fish on Rock and Roll Report

Rock and Roll ReportFish was featured on this week’s Rock and Roll Report podcast. Download the show or press the play button below to listen.

Those interested in submitting themselves can do it through Sonicbids.